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Growing together in faith

Year 2 Pupils from Binstead School Create a Symbolic Prayer Tree at Holy Cross Church

Year 2 Pupils Prayer Tree Creation

Step into the enchanting world of faith and imagination within the walls of Holy Cross Church. The Year 2 pupils from Binstead School embraced their creative energy, weaving together a remarkable symbol of unity and hope, a vibrant prayer tree.

What is a prayer tree?

Imagine a magnificent tree that blossoms not with leaves, but with heartfelt prayers and intention of those who believe. This creation stands as a visual representation of our collective aspirations, woven together and adorned with the hopes and dreams of those who seek solace, guidance and divine connection.


Nestled within our Church the Year 2 Prayer Tree thrives as a beacon of togetherness, inspired by this sacred space the pupils found prefect sanctuary to plant their creative seeds.

The prayer tree bears profound symbolism, intertwining threads of unity, hope and the bridge between heaven and earth. Each leave fluttering in the breeze represents a shared pursuit of solace, strength, and a connection to something greater than ourselves. It serves as a reminder that our prayers, when united, hold the power to uplift hearts.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the creativity of the Year 2 pupils from Binstead School. Their heartfelt creation reminds us to tap into our own creativity and discover the power of collective prayer. Together, we can foster faith, unity, and unwavering hope allowing our prayers to bloom and soar towards the heavens.

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